Bale Net


Epicrop Bale Net has proven to consistently deliver all of the performance criteria demanded by contractors for all baling conditions.

Epicrop Bale Net not only delivers you guaranteed length and full bale coverage, but also competitive prices which ensure customer satisfaction.

Epicrop Bale Net provides the following benefits:

  • Full Bale coverage performance

  • High strength to cope with the heaviest of bales

  • End warning system that alerts operator when there is 50m left

  • Guaranteed minimum length ensures value for money

  • Consistent and trouble-free baling

  • UV stabilised

Gold Double Chain

GOLD DOUBLE CHAIN Bale Net is manufactured using the latest developments in net technology.

  • Gold Bale Net provides users with the highest quality, highest resistance and maximum strength bale net on the market today.

  • Uses Double Chain instead of traditional single chain to increase strength.

  • Reinforced Mesh creates a superior, stronger and more secure bale net.


Powertite is a net replacement film that is made from a 7 layer technology.

As Powertite is made from the same material as silage wrap, no separation is required after use from your silage wrap. Both silage wrap and Powertite can be recycled together.

Why Powertite?
  • Better oxygen barrier

  • Easy film removal

  • Easier recycling

  • Less waste. 50% reduction on DM losses (on an actual farm trial)

  • 10% denser bales

  • 66% of the bale covered with 3 or 4 more layers of plastic