Products & Services.

Silage Products

For all your Baleage and Silage requirements we have an excellent range of quality wrap and associated products.

Animal Wintering Sheds

Paragon Wintering sheds for economical winter animal protection.


Made to measure suitable membrane liners, for effluent storage and management.

Effluent Liners

Polythene and PVC Products Ltd can build large or small shelter sheds for a diverse range of needs.

Shelter Sheds

Deluxe and domestic model Tunnelhouses. Superb growing environment.


Polythene and PVC Products Ltd manufacture Tarpaulins for all uses.

PVC Tarpaulins
Water Storage

Water Storage Options. Built for various applications, farm or industrial.

Plastic Welding

If it's PVC or Plastic and it's damaged, Polythene and PVC can fix it.

Shade sails, in all colours and styles. Suitable for numerous domestic or commercial shelters. 

Shade Sail

A wide range of adhesives for every purpose.

Safety Signage & Mats

Polythene and PVC Products has a range of safety signage and safety mats. For safety at home, on the farm, or on the road, choose from our range to stay safe.

Insulation Products

Polystyrene and PVC Products stock Insulating Polystyrene Sheets.

Polythene and PVC Ltd are wholesale distributors of commercial PVC Curtains.

Plastic Curtains

To repair or recover your trampoline see us at Polythene and PVC Ltd and make it new and safe again.

A wide range of adhesives for every purpose.

Pallet Wrap